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"David is one of the finest young talents I have come across in recent years" - Dan Turner (Producer/Engineer Bullet For My Valentine, Cradle of Filth, The Cardigans, Suede)

"Judging by what David Leighton has put out so far he looks certain to have a big future, definitely one to watch" - Tom Simkins (BBC Introducing Presenter)

"Leighton has developed an extensive knowledge on how each genre is created and how to achieve the best for each artist he works for" - Paul Richards (Hunts Post Music Critic 'Almost Famous Page')


David Leighton is a Record Producer, Mix Engineer & Songwriter, currently working in conjunction with various production/management labels and studios within London and surrounding areas. David predominantly works with commercial Indie/Rock and Pop acts, but regularly strays into various other genres for collaboration & writing projects. By not settling entirely within one area of music, David has allowed himself to work for and with numerous artists and bands, producing over 200 records to date and amassing an extensive client list along the way. Numerous records David has worked on have been released by publishing labels, gained radio airplay and received positive reviews from music magazines and critics alike.

David now works predominantly from his own studio base (www.RiverRunStudios.co.uk) whilst also freelancing at various studios across the UK. As well as his freelance work, the past few years have seen him produce/engineer numerous records as part of The Animal Farm’s team of producers and also spending a brief period as an assistant engineer at the Miloco studio group. Prior to heading his own recording sessions, David worked relentlessly as an assistant engineer for various studios and well known producers/engineers, learning the valuable tips & tricks to producing a commercial record. Now having worked with, solo pop artists, rock bands, hip-hop acts, string ensembles and acoustic musicians, he has developed an extensive knowledge of how each genre is created and how to obtain the best from each act he works with.

Prior to engineering, David started out as a guitarist/vocalist before moving onto playing a varying number of instruments including piano, bass and drums. This background as a versatile musician allows David to write tracks from start to finish within his own solo work and also have a creative input when producing music for other artists.

Since the early days of graduating with a BSc Honours in Music Technology from Coventry University, David has featured live on BBC Introducing & taken part in their ‘Masterclass’ at Abbey Road. He was also selected by the University to attend a producer’s course with top songwriters/producers which kick-started his career into the music industry. Now alongside various other radio interviews and critics reviews, David has received great feedback from the albums, E.P’s and singles he has worked on to date and is beginning to make a name for himself within the music industry. He is always looking for new projects to work on with any style of artist or music at any level of involvement. You can contact him at David@Davidleightonmusic.com


Music By David Leighton:

The tracks featured above are all examples of Davids work, both solo tracks and collaborations. The whole process from writing, recording, mixing and mastering has all been undertaken by himself.

Tracks labelled 'Produced/Mixed By David Leighton', are examples of projects David has undertaken for various Bands/Artists as a Producer/Mixer and Engineer.

Press/Reviews Ctd.:

"Working with Dave was a great experience in every way you would want it to be. We spent months developing our songs to perfection before we started recording and in the three days we spent in the studio with him our songs developed even more due to his incredible ear and song writing ideas. He is a talented professional, and a great guy to work with. We had a lot of laughs, a hell of a lot of fun, but most importantly three amazing sounding tracks were recorded. We have a lot of love for this guy and cant wait to work with him again!" The Nigel Passey Band

"David has assisted on a few of my studio sessions and I have always found him hard working and very amenable. He is very friendly and fit's in well with the session. He has also shown a good working knowledge of the whole recording process and particularly good skills using Pro Tools. Having heard some of David's mixes/productions I think that he shows a good grasp of sonics and frequency. His mixes have flare and sound well balanced with good clarity" - Matty Moon (Producer/Mix Engineer)

"The Hugely Talented St.Neots Musician".

"With an acoustic intro, the track quickly bursts into a fiery but never imposing electronic Hip-Hop beat that is both lyrically and musically stunning. Its a polished affair that remains interesting throughout".

"Illuminate is a catchy but never cheesy slice of brilliant songwriting" - Paul Richards (Hunts Post Music Critic 'Almost Famous Page')

"David brings warmth, clarity, character, impact and punch to his productions. His work demonstrates constancy and vision and is on a par with many contemporary commercial releases in his chosen genre. His proficient management of recording sessions is an asset and his personable manner puts artists at ease within the high-pressure environment of the recording studio. David has already fostered a quite extensive client list and resulting portfolio, which places him at the start of an apposite career in the recording industry. If he continues to work at his current rate and standard he will forge a strong path in this field that others will admire and follow." - (Daren Pickles Senior Lecturer/Record Producer)

"David was like a zen master to work with, a very calming presence in the studio with an impeccable ear for over dubs. He really went the extra mile after some producers might have just gone home after doing 'their bit'." (Sam Pickett – Artist)

"David is a stunning engineer/mixer, professional and extremely easy to work with. Ideas and suggestions he brings to the table are always well thought out and add to the track. All in all, top bloke, can't keep up with the northerners on the booze, but excellent at what he does." (Your New Antique – Band)


  • Artist/Band Role/Credit
  • Nigel PasseyProduce/Engineer
  • OpinautProduce/Engineer/Mix
  • Latter Day SaintsProduce/Engineer/Mix
  • Taking LibertiesProduce/Engineer/Mix
  • Voodoo StripeProduce/Engineer
  • Bad TouchProduce/Engineer
  • SawsoundProduce/Engineer
  • Dan WildeMix/Master
  • The Jebs Produce/Engineer/Mix
  • Emel Micheal Produce/Engineer/Mix
  • Have Yacht/Have Not Produce/Engineer/Mix
  • Operational Rubber DuckProduce/Engineer
  • SeclusionEngineer/Mix
  • Emma LangwithEngineer/Mix
  • Your New Antique Produce/Engineer
  • Million Faces Produce/Engineer
  • The Summer War Produce/Engineer/Mix
  • The Lost PlayersProduce/Engineer
  • Dakota Produce/Engineer/Co-Mix
  • The Dancing DeadProduce/Engineer/Mix
  • Dead Social ClubProduce/Engineer
  • The Dismissive AttackProduce/Engineer
  • The Perfect CrimeProduce/Engineer/Mix/Master
  • Sam PickettProduce/Engineer/Mix
  • Escape DecemberProduce/Engineer
  • WoodcutProduce/Engineer/Mix
  • Base 11Produce/Engineer
  • VowsProduce/Engineer/Mix
  • Mars Fortress Produce/Engineer
  • Strangers To The Underground Produce/Engineer
  • Project:VoicesWrite/Produce/Engineer/Mix
  • Sally KeelerWrite/Produce/Engineer/Mix
  • Old School ReasonsProduce/Engineer/Mix
  • FranklynProduce/Engineer/Mix
  • East RoadProduce/Engineer/Mix
  • The Mojo SlideProduce/Engineer/Mix
  • Tonight We're ElectricProduce/Engineer/Mix
  • Stereo EspionageMix
  • The Thieving BeggarsMix
  • Xidus Pain Write/Produce/Engineer/Mix
  • Rant Casey Produce/Engineer/Mix
  • Dropout-Dan Produce/Engineer/Mix
  • T-Belly Produce/Engineer
  • AliceBand Engineer
  • Absent Friends Engineer
  • UnderClass Produce/Engineer
  • The Cartel EngineerMix


Below are a few videos for tracks David has Produced/Engineered or Mixed:


Riverrun Recording Studios

Riverrun Studios is a long established recording studio that has been making great records since 1991! We are based on the rural Bedfordshire/Cambridgeshire border and offer a first class recording facility in a quiet secluded location. With alternative live & control room set-ups for varying acoustics, a lounge area, kitchen and bathroom/shower facilities, our self-contained studio provides a recording haven for all styles of music, artist or band.

Whilst the studio is spacious, it still maintains its character and is a great environment to inspire writing sessions, recording projects or rehearsals. Based around an Apple Mac and Pro Tools rig with Empirical Labs, SSL, Universal Audio, TL Audio and Digidesign preamps/dynamics, we also have an extensive collection of new and classic microphones including AKG, Shure, Sontronics & Rode.

Alongside the recording equipment, we also have a range of instruments available to musicians & artists including a house drum kit, amps, guitars & percussion. The studio itself is based in the quiet village of Potton with easy access to London via the A1 and rail links from Sandy station (40 minutes from/to London Kings Cross). Situated in the area around the studio are also a number of pubs, restaurants, takeaways and supermarkets.

Please drop us an email with any queries, proposals or just to chat about a potential recording project! - info@riverrunstudios.co.uk